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Load Capacity up to 48 ton

folding-loader-02The Folding Gooseneck Trailer is connected to the deck of the low-loader and the winch on the truck, gently lowers the Folding Trailer to the ground. The goose-neck then becomes a low angle, full width loading ramp to make it safe and easy to load all types of rolling equipment

Beamish Heavy Haulage has a large number of folding trailers and gooseneck trailers



Beamish Heavy Haulage was the first to import the Folding Gooseneck Low Loader in to Australia.
Beamish have an extensive range of these trailers including Dual Axle Trailers and Tri Axle Trailers, from 15 tonne to 48 tonne carrying capacity.

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The goose-neck can be used to safely sideload & swivel a track machinery without damaging the road