Fleet Transport Hire

Our large fleet of specialized heavy haulage transport vehicles (see below)  means we can assist moving your equipment all over Victoria.  Whether it’s a excavator, yacht, silo, tank, container, mining equipment and so much more, over-dimensional and heavy equipment is our specialty.  Call our friendly team today for a quote.  We have the trailer to meet your needs.

transport-low Deck

Low Deck – Carrying  Capacity of 15 ton

transport-low loader

Low Loader – Carrying Capacity of 48 ton

transport-super tilt

Super Tilt Tray – Carrying  Capacity of 12 ton

transport-Heavy Duty Low Loader

Heavy Duty Low Loader – Carrying Capacity of 65 ton (OnSite 100 ton)

transport-extendible semi

 Extendible Semi Trailer – Carrying Capacity of 20 ton

transport-Tilt Tray

Tilt Tray – Carrying Capacity of 12 ton